Discover The Only Woman Who Befriended
Hundreds Of Sharks

36-year-old Sierra is the only human who can ‘dance’ with giant sharks under the sea. She spends almost every day with them, they are her best friends.

Dubbed as the ‘Shark Lady’, Sierra is a marine conservationist who has dedicated her life to saving sharks from the brink of extinction due to overfishing and climate change.

Marine Conservationist Making Waves In The Beauty Industry

Sierra never imagined that she would mark her name in the skincare world by empowering millions of women to feel proud of their age and skin.

And now, she is finally ready to share her inspiring story:

“After years of handling sharks, my entire body was covered in scars.”

“The most affected areas were my back and hands. I couldn’t wear bikinis confidently like I used to.”

“Even after countless visits to the dermatologist, the scars wouldn’t budge.”

“I thought I’d have to live with them for the rest of my life but one day, the imperfections suddenly became less noticeable and magically faded away.”


Touched By A ‘Star’

During Sierra’s next dermatologist visit, her doctor, Dr. Ellis who has more than 20 years of experience, was shocked. She wanted to know how Sierra’s scars suddenly disappeared within only a few days and without any laser treatments.

What Sierra revealed next is what Dr. Ellis could never have imagined:

“I accidentally touched a starfish known as the Asterina Pectinifera and I instantly felt a tingly sensation on my hands.”

“Honestly, I didn’t think much of it, but after a few days, the scars faded away! My hands are now as smooth and flawless as a baby’s skin.”

“I thought it was only a temporary effect but my hands are still soft till this day!”


Studying The Stars Of The Sea

Curious, Dr. Ellis decided to conduct skin examinations on Sierra and requested her to bring back one of the starfishes to study.

“After various tests on Sierra’s hands, we discovered that the collagen activity and moisture level had increased. This is extraordinary because she only briefly touched the starfish.”

“When observing the Asterina Pectinifera starfish under a microscope, we learned that its slimy exterior contains a bioactive compound known as the coelomic fluid.”

“These compounds have skyrocketing stem cell and collagen peptides which helps stressed, aging, and damaged skin to heal across all layers.”

“That is why starfish have an almost immortal quality, capable of not only regenerating lost limbs but also growing an entirely new body from a lost arm.”

-Dr. Ellis

Experiment With Sea Stars

Realizing how this discovery could change the skincare world, Dr. Ellis wanted to find a way to transfer the starfish's ability to regenerate itself into skincare products that can boost collagen to heal damaged skin cells. However, she did not want to harm any starfish in the process.

So, by combining both Sierra’s knowledge of starfish and her experience in the skincare industry, they created a prototype synthetic version of the starfish slime.

When the prototype was ready, Sierra was the first person to try it and she was required to apply the serum on her back for a week:

“Before trying the serum, the skin on my back had discoloration because of all the old scars that I’ve gotten over the years.”

“Dr. Ellis and I tried to remove them with different creams and even laser treatments, but they just won’t work!”

“However, with this serum, I’ve noticed the scars are less visible now and I can finally wear my bikini confidently this summer!”

“If this could be achieved in one week, imagine what magic it can do in a month!”


Starfish Inspired Anti-Aging Serum: Starella™

Enthralled, Dr. Ellis and Sierra wanted to share this new skincare phenomenon with the world. So, they created the first cruelty-free starfish marine collagen serum and called it Starella™.

It’s a unique and natural skin rejuvenating serum inspired by the healing abilities of the stars of the ocean.

Dr. Ellis explains the journey in creating Starella™:

“Without harming the starfish, we carefully extracted its coelomic fluid and reproduced it into a synthetic starfish slime extract serum…”

“Using a patented fermentation-based process developed by us, with plant-based ingredients and hyaluronic acid that have triple the healing effects…”

“Capable of mimicking the regenerative powers of the starfish to stimulate the production of collagen within human’s skin.”

“Clinically proven to reduce scars, fine lines, and wrinkles in one week while improving firmness and elasticity to take years off of aging skin.”

-Dr. Ellis

Starella™ Has Garnered Worldwide Recognition

When the first batch of Starella™ made its debut, it’s sold out within minutes.

More than 98.9% of avid users have reported satisfaction as Starella™ has helped them reduce stubborn lines and rough skin for a fuller and youthful complexion without any signs of aging.

30-year-old Lena is happy to share her positive feedback:

“Due to my stressful job, I struggled with premature aging. I had deep wrinkles on my forehead and around my smile lines.”

"Whenever I was out walking with my mom, people assumed I'm her mother!”

“I’ve tried applying foundations and concealers but it only made the lines more obvious.”

“I’ve also tried various recommended skin treatments and skincare but I didn’t see any improvements on my skin.”

"I even thought about going for plastic surgery but they're so expensive. My skin definitely affected my confidence, until my friend introduced the Starella™ serum to me.”

“Honestly, I was skeptical at first but after just a week, my skin feels lifted as if I’ve had a facelift. The lines have smoothened out and the serum definitely plumped up my skin.”

“Even until today, I still get compliments on my skin!”


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