Winner Takes All: This Beauty Queen Won 5 Crowns And The Whole Nation’s Heart

For the first time in history, this stunning model has worn 5 crowns nonstop in major beauty contests.

With a face the world struggles to forget and a glow that radiates to outer space, many people thought Min-Yung was gifted with beautiful skin.

However, her answer during an interview has blown everyone’s mind away.

“Before the beauty contests, my house had actually caught on fire.”

“And I suffered severe burn injuries on my body and face.”

“But thanks to my grandma’s unique formula,”

“I could keep winning pageant after pageant and look even better now.”

– Pok Min-Yung

But What Exactly Have Led Her To A Quick Recovery With Not Even A Scar?

This caught the attention of Dr. Teresa Maloney, a world-leading dermatologist who has more than 20 years of experience.

She knew something big was about to be discovered. So, she paid a visit to Min-Yung and her family in Korea.

But Dr. Teresa was lost for words once she was there…

“Whom I thought was Min-Yung’s sister was actually her grandma!”

“She looks decades younger than her real age!”

“I couldn’t even trust my own eyes and ears after she told me she’s 59.”

– Dr. Teresa Maloney

After looking directly at a real-life example of a grandma who never ages, Dr. Teresa asked for her grandma’s formula to youthful skin.

But all she gave was a mysterious bottle of solution.

Uncovering The Hidden Ingredients

Determined to know what it was, Dr. Teresa went back and began identifying its components. This was what she found.

“These are ingredients from sea grapes,”

“A rare kind of seaweed with transparent pearls.”

“Each pearl is packed with vitamins and minerals that are able to repair damaged skin and provide a deep moisturizing effect.”

“Because of its hygroscopic abilities to steal moisture from air 24/7, our skin will achieve a glassy glow inside out once we apply it.”

“It also contains a powerful compound known as fucoidan.”

“It can help us to mass produce collagen and even heal wounds and scars, renewing our skin with a stronger skin barrier,”

“And to be brightened like a white pearl!”

– Dr. Teresa Maloney

Experimenting The Formula

Fascinated by the results, Dr. Teresa knew she had to assess whether her research findings were true.

So, she created a prototype consisting of mashed sea grapes paste and requested a 60-year-old volunteer with wrinkles, age spots and saggy skin to apply it day and night for 20 minutes.

After a month, Dr. Teresa saw interesting results.

“Not only were her age spots brightened by a few tones.”

“She also has smoother skin, plumped cheeks with the coveted bounce and all her wrinkles were gone!”

“She looks 30 years younger now!”

“Note that these are the effects from only a prototype,”

“Imagine if it’s a real product with an upgraded formula!”

– Dr. Teresa Maloney


After realizing its great potential to solve many different skin problems, Dr. Teresa wanted to share this great ingredient to the whole world.

Hence, she created Luminea™.

“Our skin consists of three main layers and the outermost layer of the epidermis is our skin barrier.”

“It is mainly responsible for making our skin feel soft, supple and plump.”

“But when it is damaged from irritants, bacteria and pollutants, our skin will start to feel rough, dry and dull,”

“Leading to water loss, difficulty repairing signs of aging and post-breakout marks and making our skin more vulnerable to all external aggressors.”

“This is why Luminea™ is specially engineered to nourish and strengthen our skin barrier at the same time.”

“Infused with Jeju water and all the bioactive components of sea grapes,”

“Luminea™ is an all-natural face serum that has been modified into small molecules to allow all the vital nutrients to be easily absorbed into our skin’s deepest layer.”

“By just applying Luminea™ twice a day,”

“You’ll be able to restore your skin to its prime condition and feel just like when you’re a baby.”

“As your complexion will be tightened along with a boost in collagen and skin elasticity and an increase in skin moisture that can be maintained up to 24 hours!”

“Lastly, with hyaluronic acid present,”

“You’ll never need to see fine lines, wrinkles or dark spots anymore,”

“Allowing all of us to have hydrated, supple, youthful skin.”

- Dr. Teresa Maloney

Becoming Everyone’s Wish List

To get a fair verdict, Dr. Teresa had invited Min-Yung for a clinical trial and this was her feedback.

“Whenever I have a heavy makeup shoot in the past,”

“Fine lines around my eyes would start to show due to the effects of a heavy makeup and even though I applied my grandma’s formula, they were still visible.”

“But after trying Luminea™,”

“I noticed they were disappearing in just a few days.”

“Even when I was still regularly applying makeup!”

– Pok Min-Yung

Besides Min-Yung, 997 volunteers from the clinical trial had also shown high satisfaction as all their skin moisture scores were improved to above 60% in just 7 days!

93% of them have also reported brighter skin tone and a plumped look. Here’s what 56-year-old Martha Jensen says.

“I remember I tried Luminea™ when my husband was out of town for 2 weeks,”

“And during that period, my wrinkles and crow’s feet has been reduced.”

“As my whole face began to tighten so much,”

“Even my husband thought that he stepped into a wrong house when he came back!”

“I’m really happy that I regained my confidence after 30 years,”

“All thanks to Luminea™ and Dr. Teresa.”

– Martha Jensen

“Sea grapes is truly a hidden treasure in the deep blue sea.”

“Each tiny bubble of the algae is actually loaded with abundant nutrients from the sea.”

“Now, I just hope Luminea™ can realize everyone’s dream to age gracefully.”

– Dr. Teresa Maloney

Trending In The Beauty World

Ever since its official launch, Luminea™ has been featured in multiple beauty magazines and has even received the seal of approval by national skin associations around the world.

Over 1,000,000 people have already experienced an amazing glow in their life and stocks are already running low.

So, act fast before it’s sold out! Nothing is irreversible as long as you try.

Are you ready to receive the gift from the sea?